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Create a unique Instagram username. With the increasing popularity of social medias, it becomes harder and harder to find a username that is available. Coming up with new usernames over and over again can be confusing and time-consuming. That's why we created a name generator for Instagram and more. Just enter your keyword, set the length and receive a generated username instantly. It's so simple, right?

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Instagram username creating

Each Instagram user has a username. Thanks to this, we are unique, and others can easily find our profile on Instagram. Additionally, Instagram allows us to change your username at any time. The only condition is that username must be available, that means not occupied by another user of Instagram. Coming up with a username can be quite a hassle for us. As in the names of personal accounts, this is usually our first and last name, it will be a little different in the case of company names. It may also happen that the username we invented is already taken. In this case, it's a good idea to use a name generator.

Instagram Username Generator

How to come up with a good username?

The Instagram username depends on the content of the profile. If it is our private account, the best option is just to take our name and surname. This way our friends will surely recognize that this is our profile.In the case of user names for companies, a good solution would be a brand name or something that is directly related to it. Similarly with thematic profiles. What we do should be clear to other Instagram users. With the thematic user name, the account will be getting people with similar interest. Remember that your Instagram username should be short and easy to remember.

Instagram username availability

Instagram username availability

An available Instagram username is one that no other user of the app has. After entering the username, a green or red circle will appear next to it. The former means that the nickname is available and we can use it, the latter means that the name is already taken and we have to come up with something else. Currently, Instagram has approximately 1 billion users. You may think that this makes it impossible to create a new name. But remember that sometimes it is enough to add a number or "_" and the username may be free. If you want to change the name, it is worth checking from time to time if the one you want has been released.

Generating an Instagram username

Generating a username is a great option that you will find on our website. To use it, enter the keyword you want to appear in the username and click "search". If you want your username to contain digits or "_" then check it in the appropriate box. All usernames our generator comes up with are universal and unique. We try to ensure that none of them is occupied by another user of the application. If you don't have an idea, you don't have to enter anything and click "search". The generator will then pick random, free usernames. Our generator is completely free and available to everyone. It can be used by future and current Instagram users.

Common Questions about Instagram Username Generator

Will the generated Instagram username be unique?

We check every day and we try to make our name generator's display only the name of the user that are available. We don't want you to waste your time looking for something you can't use.

How can I change my Instagram username?

It's child's play. To change the username on Instagram, just enter your profile, and then "edit profile". There is a field there - username. Just delete the old one and enter a new, available username.

Is it free to generate an Instagram username?

We don't know how Instagram username generators work on other sites, but our generator is 100% free. You can use it several times a day without incurring any costs.

Do I have influence on what username is generated?

In our username generator you have this option. As we mentioned before, you can choose a keyword that will be included in the username and whether the generator has add the numbers or underline "_" to it.

Is it safe to generating usernames?

Yes of course. We do not require any data from you. All you need is an enter the keyword to generate an Instagram username. (Although our generator will work even without it, but the results can be strange)
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