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Instagram Downloader

Downloading Instagram photos or videos has never been easier. With our Instagram Downloader you can download all public media available from Instagram. All you need is a username and a moment of patience. Completely free of charge.

How does Instagram Downloader work?

Perhaps you have wanted to download someone's photo from the Instagram application more than once. These photos are often very inspiring for us in terms of clothing or travel. In such a situation, we usually take a screenshot of a given photo and we store it in our gallery. But what if we wanted to download the Instagram photo itself?

Unfortunately, Instagram itself does not offer such a solution, so Instagram Downloader comes to our rescue.

How does Instagram Downloader work? It is very easy! All you have to do is enter the username of the person whose photo you want to download and then click on it. Remember that this person's profile must be public.

Instagram Downloader

Why should I download photos from Instagram?

There are many reasons why you should download photos from Instagram, and each of you can have your own. As we wrote before, photos on Instagram are often a great inspiration for us, which we want to keep for longer so that we can use it in the future. In addition to liking a photo or hiding it to the clipboard, we can save it and have access to it even offline.

Another reason why we save media from Instagram is that we want to set them on our phone's wallpaper. Additionally, we can print such a photo and hang it on the wall or put it in a frame. Why do you want to download photos from Instagram?

Download photos from Instagram

How to download photos or videos from Instagram?

Do you want to download someone's Instagram photo? All you need to do is use our Instagram Downloader and choose right tab - photos or videos. Enter the name of the user whose photo you want to download in the field provided, for example "kyliejenner".

Then click "Enter" and select the specific photo or video you want to keep. Below there is a button "download" plus the number of files selected by you, after pressing the media will download.

What format will the files be saved in? Photos in JPG and movies in MP4. These formats are the most popular and supported by most devices.

100% Online Instagram Downloader

Our service offers you to download media from Instagram without the need to download additional applications. Everything is done on our website, so you don't waste time or memory of your smartphone.

We believe that this is the easiest solution to download Instagram photos or videos. Just paste the username in our Instagram Downloader and download whatever you want.

Common Questions about Instagram Downloader

Is it legal to download Instagram photos?

Downloading Instagram photos is legal. Application users have made them available on the network, so there are no consequences for downloading them.

Do I have to log in to use Instagram Downloader?

Our website does not require logging in to our website or Instagram. To download someone's photo, all you need to do is know the username.

Can I download stories from Instagram?

Our Instagram Downloader does not allow you to download InstaStories. However, we provide you with another special tool, Instagram Story Viewer.

Can I download photos from private Instagram profile?

Unfortunately it is not possible. You can download a photo using Instagram Downloader only from accounts that are public.

Is downloading photos possible on Android and iOS?

Our website offers photo downloading for both Android and iOS phone owners. We want each of our users to be satisfied.
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