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Our new tool called Emoji Generator will help you with getting more traffic and interactions from people in social media or search results. It is assumed that 65% of the population are visual learners. Visual content increases engagement from other people. Thanks to us you dont need anymore any additional app or downloaded keyboard for using most popular and new emojis. Just search what you want, click and copy favorite emojis. It's simple & free!

What are Emojis?

Today emojis can be found in many places because they are very popular. Not only individuals use them, but also large companies (and in their advertisements or presentations). Using emojis allows us to easily determine what we feel or what situation we find ourselves in. Often one emoji replaces a few words, which makes our lives easier these days. But the appearance of emoji takes place in the mainstream recently. Although the first emoticons appeared in the 90s, it was only since 2010 that they became popular among a wider audience. Mainly due to the popularization of Apple and Android cell phones.

What are emojis

What are the categories of emoji?

Currently Emoji icons are divided into several categories. This serves above all this, the user can easily find the right icon. In our free emoji generator, we divided the available emojis into 9 categories:

πŸ˜€ Smileys & Emotion, πŸ₯• Food & Drink, 🦜 Nature & Animals, β™ŸοΈ Activities & Events, 🧍 People, ✈️ Travel & Places, πŸ‘’ Clothing & Objects, πŸ’¬ Symbols and 🚩 Flags.

We believe that this arrangement will allow for a smooth sought to find emoji. Of course, you can also search for emoji based on the keyword entered. Just click "πŸ”Ž"

Free Emoji Generator

Where should I use emojis?

Using emojis in social media posts isn't just about making the post cool. Today's marketing strategies are focused on increasing the click rate (CTR) for each post, advertising and movie. Many companies base their advertising on Facebook and Google ads campaigns using pay-per-click. With the help of emojis, we can easily optimize the clicks rate. Colorful emoji eyes attracted more than the usual black-and-white content.

It's a good idea to use emoji icons with advertisements that have a sales goal. If you do not use emojis in your company or on your private profile yet, you are making a big mistake. You reduce your potential reach level, because the people following you are less engaged in the content. Add some emoji to your life and see what changes!

How to use emoji?

Using emojis may seem simple, but it all depends on what device you want to use them on. On most smartphones and computers, we can easily start using emojis with a few clicks. However, there are exceptions and then we have to obey the copy-paste solutions available in the browser. It also often happens that there are differences between the current emojis on different operating systems. For example, in Apple emojis updates are quite frequent and other systems may not keep up with them, so our Free Emoji Generator makes sense because we have the latest emojis that exist.

Emoji on Windows

Following the wave of popularity of emojis, Windows also decided to support their display. Windows Emojis have a slightly different style than those known from Apple devices. To display the Emoji Selection in Windows we have two options.

The first is to use the virtual keyboard. For Windows tablets or touchscreen laptops, this may make sense, but on classic PCs it will be irritating.

The second, in our opinion, easier option is to open the emoji selection by pressing the key combination "Win + ." or "Win + ;". In other words, you need to press the Windows button on your keyboard and the period or semicolon sign.

Emoji on OSX

Using emoji on OSX is a bit more intuitive and easier than on Windows. Generally, it is not as simple as on iPhones, but we are easily able to find the emojis we are interested in. To start using emojis on OSX devices, we need to click the Command + Control + Space key combinations.

Alternatively, you can click on the Apple symbol and go to System Preferences. Then select "Keyboard" and select the emoji keyboard to show when you press the fn button.

Emoji on iOS

Everyone who already has an iPhone or intends to have one in the near future knows well that the emojis list on iOS devices is long and constantly updated. At the moment is 669 emojis iOS. To start using them, just click the smile icon on the system keyboard. It is located in the lower left corner, next to the space button. That's it - use the available emojis, and when you are not enough, check out Memoji!

Emoji on Android

Most of the phones on the market are Android. For several years now, it has been a standard to put emojis into the system keyboard. However, it is worth checking if your android phone is displaying emojis correctly. It is best to go to a page like ours or enter "Emojis generator" in Google to see if we can see the emoji correctly or any wrong characters or empty fields. Probably everything will be displayed correctly. For Android, there may be delays with adding some emojis that are already available on iOS. However, we can use other keyboards than the system one. Just find them on Google Play.

Emoji copy-paste

Some versions of Android, iOS, and other phone software vendors may either not show emojis icons or only show some part of them. In this case, it is good to get an up-to-date list with the help of sites like ours. The emoji generator allows you to use up-to-date emoji icons no matter what phone or computer you have. It's worth keeping up to date with all emojis.

Types of available emojis

Among the emojis icons we can distinguish several types. The icons have not always looked like today's icons. The colorful and cute emojis we know today were not available in the past. Not because computer graphic designers were so little inventive, but for another reason. The world of computers and mobile phones has changed significantly in the last 20/30 years. I still remember telephones with an antenna and a black and white display (actually black and green). Likewise, the keypad in mobile phones has a slightly different form - much more comfortable. That's why the initial emojis icons looked rather provisional, but more on that soon.

Classic Unicode emoticons

Starting from the beginning, it is worth mentioning the classic Unicode emoticons. Simple character combinations were displayed slightly differently than simply characters on some operating systems or applications. For example, in the first text messengers, the combination of the colon ":" and the letter D allowed us to get a happy face. Most of these emoticons were black and white or of little color.

Visual emojis (nowadays)

Today's emoticons, also known as emojis, are further a form of the code, the so-called Unicode, however, their display is much friendlier and generally available. Virtually every device these days supports emojis. Many applications and operating systems may display emojis differently. Usually emojis are colorful, modern emoticons that you want to use.

Emoticons β€žLenny Face”

Surely you've ever come across such an icon ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°) and you don't even know it's a lenny face. The history of Lenny Faces emoticons began on the Finnish equivalent of reddit - a discussion board. Lenny face quickly spread to various internet forums and became "fashionable". Many memes with the lenny face icon were created quickly, as well as the next versions of this icon. Admittedly, the lenny face emoticons are a cool alternative to the classic emojis.

Common Questions about Free Emoji Generator

Is it free to copy emojis from this site?

Absolutely! We don't charge any fees for using our emojis generator. We want to build a loyal community and provide useful tools. If we can count on an expression of gratitude - please share our website among your friends.

How to convert emojis to picture?

To convert an emoji to a picture, you can use publicly available converters on the web or use a graphics program. Most graphics programs such as Photoshop or Figma have options for displaying emoji. Once you add an emoji in the text field, you can easily export it as a picture.

What is most used emoji?

The most frequently used Emojis are πŸ˜‚, 😭, πŸ₯Ί, ❀️, 😍, 😊. ( Order from most frequently used)
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