Why am I losing Instagram followers?

Why i am losing Instagram Followers
You’re wondering why am I losing Instagram followers? If you're not following the Instagram guidelines and posting spammy or low-quality content, you may be penalized. Why? Read below!

Instagram is a very thriving app that you are surely already familiar with. In addition to the number of likes under the posts, followers are also very important there. Who are they? They are users who observe our profile. It means that our pictures and reports are displayed on the homepage. Thanks to this they are up to date with what is happening with us, and what is related to this they like and comment on our posts.

It is logical that the more followers we have on Instagram, the more popular our profile becomes. However, despite the fact that this application has been on the market for 11 years, most people still do not know how to attract and, more importantly, keep their audience with them. Why is this so important? Answer below.

Why do we care about a large number of Instagram followers?

If you want your profile on Instagram to be popular the number of followers will matter to you. Why? It is with the help of followers that you gain a large number of likes as well as comments which in turn translates into higher reach of your account. This in turn results in an increased interest in your profile not only among other Instagram users, but also brands that are looking for influencers to cooperate. Thanks to this you will gain the opportunity to earn as well as meet new friends from the same industry.

Why am I losing followers on Instagram? - 9 reasons

First of all, remember that losing and gaining new followers again is as normal as possible and it actually happens to everyone - even us. Sometimes it is because something suddenly stops appealing to others, and sometimes there is no reason at all.

The important thing is not to worry about it, but to think what we can change. In this article, we have prepared for you as many as nine reasons why you might be losing followers on Instagram.

You don't make a good first impression

First impressions are not only important in face-to-face meetings, but also online. What and how we post often shows how we are in real life. That is why the appearance of our entire profile is so important - starting with the profile picture and ending with the whole thing.

We should not forget about the bio. A bio is a short description of our profile. Regardless of whether it is personal or company profile, it is worth to include interesting and important information for people who came to our profile for the first time.

You don't post regularly

Regularity is the cornerstone of any account on Instagram. It is assumed that you should add three to four posts per week. This way, our observers won't forget about us and at the same time, we won't bombard them with too many of our photos.

To further increase activity after a newly added post, you can announce it on InstaStories. In this way, you will reach users who prefer to browse accounts rather than the Instagram homepage.

If you don't haver enough time to post regularly, then you can use post planner tool like Later or Planoly. It's ease and time savings, but it's paid (after free limit).

You don't have the content

Content, or profile subject matter. Why is it important? Thanks to a clearly specified profile topic we can be sure that people who are interested in it will follow us and, consequently, they will be more active.

What kind of content can we usually find on Instagram?

  • Travel,

  • Diet and workouts,

  • Healthy Eating,

  • Fashion,

  • Lifestyle.

Your descriptions are boring

Remember that photos alone are not everything. Their description is also important. It should be interesting and intriguing - after all, we want as many people as possible to read it. It has to be written correctly so that it is easy and pleasant to read. You can add emoticons to it or even replace some words with them. This way you add variety to the text. The description does not have to be long, it is enough if it is related to the photo.

What can the photo description contain? A story that tells how and when the photo was taken or why we chose this particular photo from the whole trip.

You don't use hashtags

Every description must include hashtags. Why are they important? Hashtags assign your photos to the right group. When other users follow a particular hashtag or search for photos using tags, it is very likely that they will end up on your profile and leave something behind in the form of a like or comment.

However, there are a few rules you need to follow to make hashtags work. What are they? First, remember that there can't be any space between a word or phrase and the "#" symbol. You can easily tell when a hashtag is active by the fact that it will turn blue in the description.

Another consideration is the number of them. Instagram allows you to add as many as 30 hashtags in one description, but this is far too many. It is recommended to have a maximum of 10 hashtags. The last issue is the quality of the hashtags. It is important that they are strictly related to the topic of the photo. Choose the lesser-known hashtags so that you don't get lost in a large number of posts.

You don't get involved

In order for others to be engaged on your profile, you yourself must also be active. Like and comment on other Instagram users' posts and they will surely return the favor. This is a great patent for getting likes and followers completely free.

You're too salesy

Instagram users don't like to see constant ads for new brands. If you have a lot of collaborations, try to plan it so that there is no overload with one topic. Show what you do on a daily basis, and once in a while you should mention a product that you just want to advertise. Believe us, your followers will appreciate it and will not stop watching your profile.

You buy likes and followers from the wrong source

If you have decided to buy likes or followers on Instagram remember to do it from a legitimate source. These reactions should look as natural as possible and come gradually, making the whole process look natural. Another important point is that they should come from real accounts, not fake ones. Otherwise, our reach will drop dramatically and our account may be banned.


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