10 Instagram Trends to Follow In 2022

10 instagram trends to follow in 2022
Every month, a staggering 130 million Instagram users swipe through an Instagram shopping post -- foot traffic that a brick-and-mortar store owner can only imagine.

All indications point to the continuation of the shop-a-thon over the next few years. eMarketer estimates that social commerce will grow into an industry worth $80 billion in 2025. the Instagram 2022 Trend Report announced that nearly 1 in 4 Gen Z users expect to purchase items from their feeds on social media; therefore, if you do not have the option to shop on your account... why do you have to be waiting for it?

Learn how to set up your Instagram Shop today! This post will be waiting for you to return.

1. Instagram Shops and Instagram Checkout

Instagram Shops is a new feature that permits professional profiles with an eCommerce platform to build their stores within the social network instead of simply tagging items. Users can purchase their articles without having to leave Instagram.

Furthermore, Instagram has introduced a Checkout function that allows payment and bank information to be saved within the app, allowing shopping more efficiently and faster.

2. Live Streams on Instagram

Live streams on Instagram have significantly grown in the past year's popularity, particularly during the different quarantines. This is why Instagram has announced plans to extend the time for streaming live from one hour to 4 hours and introduce an archive feature.

3. Influencer Advertising Regulations

Instagram has taken steps for years to guarantee that the influencers don't share false information about the products or services they promote to their followers. Influencers are required to follow the guidelines for community members, comply with the platform's policies on content monetization, know the distinction in paid-for partnerships from brand content, and so on. Instagram provides a list with guidelines you can always lookup.

4. Sticker Selfies

This feature is fun and allows users to design their emojis and reactions from selfies and then upload these to Stories. These stickers can be animated.

The Sticker Selfies feature began testing in various countries in the spring of 2020, but it isn't yet set an official date for the worldwide launch.

5. Instagram Guides

This Instagram feature was introduced in May 2020, but only for a small user group, and is now accessible to all users. Through it, content creators can make available information and advice on the topic. Although it was initially created to promote health and wellness magazines, it is now used in different sectors and subjects.

6. Merging Facebook Messenger and Instagram Chats

A different feature in 2021 is merging two of the Facebook and Instagram instant messaging applications. They will not be wiped out, but the conversations will be combined to make it possible to read and reply to messages sent by both chats.

This could be the initial step to combine Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp platforms, though there's been no announcement regarding the integration into the former.

7. Instagram Stories

You read it right: we've listed Stories as an Instagram trend to watch in 2021. Although they've been in use for some time, their popularity and value for brands grow. 70% of businesses believe that Instagram Stories have produced a "massive" impact on influencer content. 70% of influential influencers report that they've been using Instagram Stories more often in the last year.

8. The Explore Tab

Over 50% of Instagram users make use of Explore. More than 50% of Instagram users use the Explore option at least one time every month. The social media platform continues to refine its design to make it more attractive and user-friendly. It is also becoming an exciting and exciting platform to increase visibility.

9. Reels

Instagram Reels was introduced to compete against another social media platform that is famous for 2022: TikTok. In India, the country where TikTok was banned for a few months before the release of Reels, the duration of Instagram has been increased by 3.5 percent. In the coming months, we will be able to see the worldwide impact of Reels and then see whether the trend continues.

10. Branded Augmented Reality Filters

Instagram's AR filters can provide lots of commercial possibilities that are interesting, like testing out makeup or clothing in virtual reality or placing furniture around your home to gain an idea of what it might look like. This is why we anticipate them to become one of the Instagram trends for 2022.


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